REST API to update Content Fragments?

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REST API to update Content Fragments?

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I'm working on a project to automatically publish data to a blog. The same post gets continually updated, and this method is working fantastically. However, the other day, the scope of the project changed and now I need to publish the same data to a content fragment on a content page.


I'm trying to find the correct URI to update the content fragment, but for the life of me, I can't find it. Using /blogs/{blogid}/posts/{postid}.json worked great for the blog, but what's the path for a fragment?


If updating a fragment through the REST API isn't possible, can I embed a specific blog post into the content fragment? Are there any other potential workarounds?

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  • There is not a REST API for updating content fragments, though there is an in-process one.

    That said, you'd probably be better off re-rendering that blog post on your custom page. You can already add a Blog Post List widget to your content page and configure it to pull from a specific blog.

    However, this will not just pull a single post from the blog. If that's an issue, you could copy the Blog Post widget and make a small modification to it to support showing a specific blog post instead of the current contextual post (there would be no contextual post since it wouldn't be on a blog post URL)

    The changes necessary in (a copy of) the Blog Post widget in Widget Studio:

    1 - Remove 'Blog Post' as a required context on the widget's Configuration tab

    2 - In the first 2 lines of the widget's Content script, change:

    #set($post = $core_v2_blogPost.Current)


    #set($post = $core_v2_blogPost.Get(...))

    where the call to $core_v2_blogPost.Get() is passed either necessary content id or blog and post id as defined by its API:

    Hope this helps!