RatedItem.xml returns no data

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RatedItem.xml returns no data

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I am attempting to call the RatedItem.xml REST API endpoint and I only want to return the count property. I am therefore supplying an includedfields parameter i.e. ContentId=3ed21039-7bb6-4caa-84ab-6b9b7027dfca&includefields=RatedItem.Count, however I get no Count field back. I do know that the content item has a rating by the way as I have monitored an equivalent call in JSON using fiddlr.

Can someone tell me is my syntax wrong?

Thanks in advance

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  • So are you saying just by changing the .xml to .json you get back different results?

  • Hi,

    After further investigation the xml endpoint returns a 500 error, hence the discrepancy. On speaking to Zimbra the issue will be resolved in 8.1.