Is it possible to add a custom post status?

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Is it possible to add a custom post status?

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Hello Team Zimbra!  Hope all is well.  

Our client is interested in adding a "in progress" status for a Q&A Forum thread, one that members of a specific membership group can only assign this value to.  Is it possible to extend this OOTB functionality?  My understanding is that you would have to create a new "in progress" thread state and build a new widget to allow users in a specific role to "mark as in progress."

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  • What would this status mean, just a label?  IF its just a label I would add an extended attribute.  Thread States are not extensible so if you need more that just an indicator it may not be easily done, if at all with the APIs

  • If you need to query, you may have to use a combination of custom data structures and denormalized data... for example you set it in progress, write the contentId/Id to a custom table with the subject and other data you would need to display a list and use thread events to keep sync.  You couldn't join or query the forum tables directly though(thus the denormalization)

  • Hi, Patrick.  Currently, a thread can be marked as answered or not answered - and the post page displays the red or green themed "answered/not answered" theme.  Our client would like to add third option "answer is in progress" message that is displayed above the post.

  • You can't add custom values to that no, see my last response on a potential option(we may have crossed)

  • Thanks, Patrick.  I will dig into thread events and custom widgets to determine how to best implement this solution.

  • Hey Scott, if your "exclusive members" will be manually assigning this state, I wouldn't necessarily look at thread events.  I'd follow Patrick's advice and do something like:

    1. Create a side-table for "In-Progress" Threads (store ContentId/ThreadId and any other data you need...dates, who marked it as in progress, etc...)
    2. Create a data layer in Code along with a custom widget extension that can write and delete records from your new table.
    3. Modify the thread list widget to check this new table to see if the thread is marked as "in progress" and show the appropriate icon - you may want to also store this data on the Thread's extended attributes to eliminate a DB query...just be sure to keep the two in sync
    4. On the thread view/post page display a link that allows members of your group to flag a thread as "in-progress" - maybe add a link to the Forum Thread Links widget?