Idea REST API and member name?

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Idea REST API and member name?

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This is in relation to Are there any public REST endpoints for the Ideation module?

We noticed that there does not appear to be a way to specify a member name to start an idea -- it looks like the name of the member account used for the REST API is used as the author. Is there a way to change that (preferably BEFORE the idea gets published :)?

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  • To post content as another user via REST, you'll need to use an administrator account, and hten use the Rest-Impersonate-User header to impersonat ehte user you want to create content as - for more details..

  • Okay... that may be an issue, then. Our sign-in process is a custom one that is cookie-based (I know... I know... I know... for now, it is what it is...) and I believe the "impersonate user" function has been disabled for now as it was the cause of other, unrelated issues. We will try this out to see if the REST endpoints tunnel in under the the functionality that the admin panel pages provide, but are there any contingencies should that not work (other than using one admin account name...)?

  • The REST Impersonation will work - whilst is shares a name with the Impersonation option in the control panel, it is totally separate and not dependant on your authentication type (because you authenticate with REST via API Keys).

  • We also have a custom cookie-based authentication module configured and have used the REST impersonation headers many times with no issues.

  • Thanks for confirming that and dispelling my FUD :)