The Telligent Evolution platform is the foundation for the Telligent Community 6 and Telligent Enterprise 3 products.

Are you looking for user documentation?  Please visit our end-user documentation for Telligent Community 6 or Telligent Enterprise 3.

Getting started, how to, and sample articles

  • Getting started - Articles in the Developer Documentation that help you get started with the Telligent Evolution platform.

  • How to - Articles in the Developer Documentation that explain how to accomplish specific developer level extensions or problems within the Telligent Evolution platform. 

  • Samples - Samples that show, through code that you can download, how to accomplish specific tasks within the Telligent Evolution platform.

  • Tips & Tricks - Tips and tricks for working with the Telligent Evolution platform.

Developer documentation topics

  • Platform APIs - The platform APIs enable you to build on top of the Telligent Evolution platform to deliver new applications or integrate with existing applications.  Applications that you build can also be shared in the Telligent Marketplace.

  • Working with the platform - Learning about authentication in this release, caching, mail including the Email Digest feature and revised email templates, faceted search, and shared membership.

  • Working with themes - Information about theme and widget endpoints and theme customization including migrating themes from 5.6 and examples.

  • Working with widgets - Basic and advanced widget authoring and best practices including Velocity, dynamic configuration, and JavaScript.

Viewing Telligent Evolution 5.0 developer documentation

If you want to view Telligent Evolution 5.0 developer documentation, follow this link.