The Telligent Evolution Platform is the foundation for the Telligent Community 5 and Telligent Enterprise 2 applications.

Are you looking for user documentation?  Please visit our end-user Telligent Evolution platform documentation.

Getting Started, How to, and Sample Articles

  • Getting Started - Articles in the Developer Documentation that help you get started with the Telligent Platform.

  • How To - Articles in the Developer Documentation that explain how to accomplish specific developer level extensions or problems within the Telligent Platform. 

  • Samples - Samples that show, through code that you can download, how to accomplish specific tasks within the Telligent Platform.

  • Tips & Tricks - Tips and tricks for working with the Telligent platform.

Developer Documentation Topics

  • Platform APIs - The Platform APIs enable you to build on top of the Telligent Evolution platform to deliver new applications or integrate with existing applications.  Applications that you build can also be shared in the Telligent Marketplace.

  • CSS / Style Markup Guide - Modifying the user experience, whether for Telligent Community or Telligent Enterprise, can be accomplished through CSS and other style changes.  This documentation provide guidance on the CSS classes used within the platform.

  • Theme Customization - For extending the design of your community to better match the exact design specifications for your website or brand we've created some detailed Theme Customization guides.
  • Configuration & Tasks - Details the various configuration files, their associated settings, and how to work with override files.  Details around Telligent's background processing architecture, Telligent Tasks, is covered here as well.

  • Widgets - Building widgets (simple, reusable UI components) enables you to create new functionality directly embedded into your Telligent application.  Widgets can be as simple as embedding some JavaScript or richer widgets that integrate with other popular technologies like

  • Event based modules - With Telligent's event-based framework you can plug into various events to change behavior, format text, handle authentication, and numerous other tasks that extend out the base set of capabilities.

  • Localization and Internationalization - Store text strings in an external resource file, called a language pack.  By creating a resource file for each language you're supporting, you can show each user text in their own language. 

  • Extending Search - You can create your own search provider to get search results from a different source, or your own index provider to customize how files are indexed.

  • Centralized File System - All files uploaded to Telligent Evolution are stored using the Centralized File System (CFS).  You can leverage the Centralized File System (CFS) to store your own files or manipulate existing files.  Because the CFS is pluggable, this means you can store files in 3rd party document management systems such as Microsoft's SharePoint or in the cloud such as with Amazon.

Viewing Telligent Evolution 6.0 developer documentation

If you want to view Telligent Evolution 6.0 developer documentation, follow this link.