The Telligent Evolution Platform APIs are implemented as RESTful services exposed by a custom-built REST engine. Routing is supported via Microsoft's new System.Web.Routing engine, which shipped with Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC project. Our Web services currently support data in POX (Plain Old XML) and JSON. Depending on customer demand, we may support other formats such as ATOM in the future.

PUT/DELETE method overloads

Because PUT/DELETE methods are disabled on some Web servers (such as IIS),  you must specify a Rest-Method header with these values and an HTTP Method of POST.

Updating (PUT) a User resource:

Http Header contains: Rest-Method: PUT
Http Method: POST

Deleting (DELETE) a User resource:

Http Header contains: Rest-Method: DELETE
Http Method: POST

Data type specifications

By default, all data types are sent and received as XML. You can also use JSON instead of XML by specifying JSON  in your URL: /api.ashx/v2/users/1.json [GET]. This request returns the User resource matching the ID in JSON format. When POSTing with JSON, the POST and the response are in the same format.

Standard date format

The standard date format for REST v2 requests and responses is the ISO format of:
yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss. When using .NET's DateTime.ToString() method there is a shortcut for this format: dateTime.ToString("o").

Currently, the dates in JSON responses are formatted by default using the following:
"\/Date(1273255122713-0400)\/" . Beginning with the 5.5.2 release, there is an option on all requests to format dates in the ISO format using the parameter of UseIsoDateFormat. Setting it to true will use the ISO date format. Setting it to false or not setting it will use the older style format. These defaults will remain in place through the 6.0 release. Following the 6.0 release, the default will be changed to use the ISO date format. This will align the standard date formats across Telligent Evolution platform REST v2 Web services.

The Telligent Evolution platform REST v2 Web services framework will parse any valid DateTime input format that the .NET framework DateTime.Parse() method recognizes (if sending data as XML then it has to be a format the XML Serializer recognizes as well). However, we recommend using the ISO date format standard of yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss for consistency across requests and responses.

Available endpoints

The following endpoints (resources) are available in the Telligent Evolution platform API:

(n.b. additional endpoints are available through the V1 API)

API HTTP Verbs Description
Activity messages GET, POST
Retrieves a list of activity messages or creates a list of activity messages.  This can include individual user updates, updates from within groups, and updates from external applications, e.g., document updates from Microsoft SharePoint.
Blog posts and comments GET, POST
Gets blog post details or comments as well as creating and updating blog posts and comments, or delete a post or comment.
Content file storage GET Gets a file for content streaming.
Content search GET, POST Pulls content from the search index and pushes content into the index remotely, including custom fields.
Conversations GET, POST
Gets or deletes conversation messages or entire conversations; creates a new conversation, or adds a message to an existing one.
Follower GET, POST
Used to manage follow status between users.  Following is different than Friendship.  Friendship implies a mutual relationship, whereas Follow implies a 1-way relationship, i.e. you can follow a user without that user reciprocating a follow to you.
Forum GET, POST Creates, deletes, or retrieves forum replies and threads; retrieves active, moderated, unanswered, unread, or personal forum threads. Gets forum details or update a forum reply.
Friendships GET, POST
Used for social networking aspects of the Telligent platform, the API can be used to retrieve a list of a users friends, create new connections, remove a relationship, or update it.
Groups GET, POST
Returns the list of all groups to which a user belongs; retrieve all groups or a particular group; retrieve a group's members; get details about a particular group, or add and delete a group member.
Media galleries GET, POST
Creates, deletes, or updates a media gallery comment; creates or deletes a media gallery post; retrieves a post or comments; gets details about the gallery
Roles and permissions GET, POST
Returns permission information for the core applications supported within the Telligent platform (blogs, wikis, forums, etc.). Creates or deletes a role; retrieves a user's role permissions or permission for the role itself; gets a list of roles, and gets a user's list of roles.
Get search results GET Returns search results for a query term.

Only available with Telligent Evolution 5.5

Site GET Retrieves site endpoints or information.
Status messages GET, POST Publishing status messages into the Activity Stream.  These can be short text statements that users contribute, e.g., "I love the new widgets in Telligent Evolution 5.5" and can also be used by applications to publish updates. Create a status message or reply, and get either single or all status messages.
User presence GET, POST Retrieves one user's presence, all friends' presences, or all users' presences; updates a user's presence.
Users GET, POST Retrieves individual and lists of users and supports the ability to update a user. adds or deletes users; gets details about a user; gets all users; sets a user's profile fields with POST; updates a specific user or his/her preferred language, and validates a user's password.

Access to custom profile fields via the ProfileFields node is available only with Telligent Evolution 5.5

Wiki GET, POST Creates or gets a wiki page; retrieves a wiki table of contents (document hierarchy); retrieves details about a wiki, and updates a wiki page.