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Telligent was one of the first entrants into the social networking market. Well before the term "Web 2.0" was coined, Telligent released the first integrated online community platform and has since pioneered numerous advancements in collaborative
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  • Blog Post: CMSWire: 10 Ways to +1 Your Community This Year

    Long before there was Google+, the concept of +1 was used to address the topic of extraordinary customers service. So what is meant by the concept of delivering plus one? In the recent CMSWire article by Telligent SVP of Client Services, Cecilia Edwards , she fully explains the premise behind that statement...
  • Blog Post: OpenKnowledge at The Big Social

    Andrea Pesoli recently wrote a blog about OpenKnowledge 's firsthand experience at Telligent's user conference that took place at the end of September - The Big Social. Andrea gave an overview of the different festivities that OpenKnowledge and other attendees participated in outside of the conference...
  • Blog Post: CMSWire: The End of the Big Social, the Future of Enterprise Social #thebigsocial

    "Big Social, Big Ideas, Big Agenda" is the heading for the first section of CMSWire reporter, Josette Rigsby's article. In this section she gives an overview of the last day of The Big Social, which included a keynote by author and former CMO of Kodak, Jeff Hayzlett ; an overview of the...