Social Media Guidelines


We recognize the vital importance of participating in online conversations as a company, and we are committed to ensuring that we engage in social media the right way. The Social Media Guidelines have been written to empower employees to engage with customers and to develop a continued positive experience with our brand.


It is adding value if:

  • It helps you, your coworkers, our customers or partners to do their jobs and solve problems.
  • It helps to improve knowledge or skills.
  • It provokes thought.
  • It contributes directly or indirectly to the improvement of Telligent's products, processes and policies.
  • It builds a sense of community.
  • It helps to promote Telligent's core values.


Use common sense and good judgment when communicating. Be professional when talking about the company, partners, customers and the industry in general. Be respectful, and don't use obscenities or engage in behavior that would not be acceptable in the office.


Try to imagine your post plastered on a billboard for the entire world to see. Stay within your sphere of expertise; whenever you are presenting something as a fact, make sure it is a fact.


Don't pick fights. Always be respectful, stick to the facts, and identify your appropriate affiliation to Telligent. When you see misrepresentations made about Telligent by media, analysts or by other bloggers, you may certainly use your blog – or add comments on the original discussion – to point that out without being defensive. Responses like, "we're sorry," "thank you," and "how can we help?" are great ways to respond to negative posts about Telligent. If it's a media or analyst posting, please bring this attention to the CMO for she can provide a company response.

Also, it's best if we don't speak about a competitor in social media tools…let's not be their PR machine.


Be the first to respond to your own mistakes. If you make an error, be up-front about your mistake and correct it quickly, as this can help to restore trust. If you choose to modify content that was previously posted, such as editing a blog post, make it clear that you have done so.

BE WARM (like a sweet cup of cocoa).

A little respect can go a long way. Remember that much of Telligent's image is developed by the public's interaction with Telligent employees. We all want that image to be a positive one. Your tone, your openness and your approachability can help with that, just as they can with your own personal brand.

  • Don't use obscenities or personal attacks on responders in the community.
  • Don't make disparaging remarks about fellow employees, customers, partners or prospects – or their products and services.
  • Adopt a warm, open and approachable tone.


When you are representing or can be linked to Telligent, be a brand advocate. Promote Telligent and our products and services, always adhering to our core values.

Disclose your affiliation to Telligent in your social profiles when discussing Telligent, partners, customers and the industry in general.