Telligent Community
Everything you need to build incredible customer communities.
Telligent Community is a free and commercial social software product that includes a suite of social applications (forums, wikis, blogs, etc.) and social services (likes, ratings, reviews, comments) that our customers use to create communities of interest for their customers.
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Telligent Community is a complete social suite
Social applications and services such as forums, blogs, wikis, likes, ratings, comments and more are part of the platform. And, all of these applications run natively within Telligent Community or can be accessed through the RESTful APIs.

Applications & Services

Easily add community to your applications or website
Telligent Community is built as a platform and is designed to integrate with a variety of technologies.
… and we open source our integrations
We publish all of our integrations with full source on GitHub.
You can dig into the code, follow updates, file bugs or just see how we write integrations:
Social Applications included in Telligent Community

Below are some highlights of the Telligent Community platform.

  • Mobile first

    Telligent Community is a responsive and adaptive web application and we provide an open source Mobile SDK for building iOS and Android apps.

  • Developer friendly

    Telligent Community includes a complete set of RESTful APIs for all of the native applications. You can use these APIs or our SDKs to work with the platform.

  • Feature rich

    Telligent Community’s built in applications from forums to wikis are feature rich and are designed to allow you to change the UX to match your needs.


Forum Discussions & Q&A
Robust forums application that includes: question & answer workflow, suggested answers & recommendations, embedded polls, videos and attachments, auto-spam detection & full moderation capabilities, abuse management tools and many more common forums capabilities.


Blogs & Publishing
Blog and publishing application that includes: theming and skinning of blogs, future publication, drafts and workflow, templates and content embedding, auto-spam detection & full moderation capabilities, multi-user blogging and many more common blogging capabilities.


Idea Management
Ideation application that includes: simple idea management workflow, vote up/down ideas within the community, easily sort and filter ideas and many more common ideation capabilities.


Wikis and Content Publishing
Wiki and Content Publishing that includes: community can contribute to documentation, full revision history, embedding of any content / attachments, audit log with change tracking, templates and wiki-syntax and many more common wiki capabilities.


Media and File Galleries
Media and File Galleries that include: multiple layouts styled after Pintrest or simple file sharing layouts, integrate with various document management systems, full document preview for common office file formats, ability to control stored files types and many more file sharing capabilities.


Activity Streams
Activity Streams that include: publishing to groups, mentioning individuals, publishing to Twitter, website previews, commenting and liking, and convert messages from the activity stream to full forum discussions.
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