How to set or update an extended attribute via SQL?


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How to set or update an extended attribute via SQL?

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In order to do some testing, I would like to be able to set and/or update extended attributes on a group via SQL. I know how to use UDF FetchExtendedAttributeValue to retrieve an extended attribute, but I cannot find a function which will allow me to set such an extended attribute via SQL. I would prefer not to have to write a script to do this and would rather do it directly in SQL.

Is there such a function or method?

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  • What version of Evolution are you running?

    Usually, we recommend using either our In-Process or REST API.



  • Telligent Community 6.1.  I understand that it can be done via the APIs, but I was hoping to avoid writing a script to do this, when I only need to update a few group records.

  • If I'm not mistaken, the Group extended attributes are stored in the cs_Groups table and are actually split across two columns:  PropertyNames and PropertyValues - These colums are serialized and they do not appear to be easily updatable from a Raw SQL Query.

    Your best bet would to use REST...  You can even accomplish this via Fiddler by passing in your appropriate headers and auth tokens...