Number of posts per user within a certain timeframe


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Number of posts per user within a certain timeframe

  • It makes 2 months we launched our Telligent based community. In other words we are fairly new to this platform...

    Apparently, being able to count the number of posts a user has made within a certain period of time is not available out of the box, I was wondering how others have solved that pb?

    Any suggestion would be more than welcome.

  • Correct, the actual metric is not available right out of the box.  You probably have two options:

    1.  Purchase the Analytics package from Telligent

    2.  Query the db directly (probably your last resort)

    3.  If this is the ONLY metric you want, you could write a custom widget that can display these.  Something like this will get the total number of blog posts authored by the accessing user:

    #set($accessingUser = $core_v2_user.Accessing)
    #set($userBlogPosts= $core_v2_blogPost.List("%{AuthorId = $accessingUser.Id}"))
    ## Print the count to the screen $userBlogPosts.TotalCount

    *I have not tested this code, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.