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Development Emails

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We're using the Telligent Evolution 6 platform and have a dev environment setup. However we need to migrate existing users into this system and test. I want to ensure that no emails get sent out to the users for any event we fire in dev. I can't seem to find any information around how to route all the emails sent by telligent to a single dev recipient.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I would recommend temporarily changing your email settings to localhost and using something like Papercut to capture the emails.

  • If you just don't want emails sent out, you can also disable emails globally in the Site Administration > Setup page.

  • Disabling email seems to be the safest and easiest approach.. but I still feel that routing emails to a preset distribution group is a better solution overall. I haven't used Papercut or tools like it. It looks like it'll work as well. If I had time I'd check it out.

  • or try for testing from servers. It works really well we find.