search forum bug


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search forum bug

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Hi,the page show an error when i searched "brand resources" words(please see the attachment), after our research and found the error reason - there is a group data in result list, and this group is sub group of Administrators, so when normal permission user do search, they'll get this error, i think this is a bug of Telligent, how can i fix it?

By the way:
the error page URL is:,

Telligent Enterprise Version:

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  • This is a known issue, and requires an upgrade to Telligent Enterprise 2.6 (or higher) to resolve

  • that mean we can't do hot fix?

    i think it's high risk if we upgrade to Telligent Enterprise 2.6, so i need to do an assessment before upgrade, can you tell me what the upgrade detail list from 2.5 to 2.6? i personally think you guys have this list.