Solr Search and Telligent Search Giving Different Results


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Solr Search and Telligent Search Giving Different Results

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Does anyone know why a custom Solr search will give different result than Telligent? I have verified that the Telligent Community (running version 7.5) is using the same instance of Solr. But if I put this query in Solr admin I get exactly two results back. And when the same query is entered into a search widget, it gives me only one hit. I can change the query slightly and get Telligent to show me the second document so I know it exists and is indexed. The query is:

myfield_s:TE*mydata* OR content:mydata

myfield_s is a custom field that has been defined and added to Solr from a plugin. mydta is what the user is entering and I am appending the TE and the wildcards to the query.

Anyone have a clue why Telligent and Solr don't agree?

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  • Are you positive the Telligent widget is not massaging the search query and sending along other parameters or filters or restricting to a certain group?

    Have you tried creating a test widget that passes in ONLY your query?

    #set($resultSet = $core_v2_searchResult.List("%{Query = $queryArg }"))
    There were $resultSet.TotalCount results found.

    Which widget are you trying to search with?