Telligent Community delivers enterprise-proven results for some of the largest online communities such as Dell, Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft. Its extensibility options make it the application of choice whether you are creating an internal community for employees.

Telligent Community is built upon Telligent Evolution, our award-winning platform that not only has all the tools to enable collaboration (blogs, wikis, forums, media galleries, calendars), but also enables you, via Telligent Analytics, to understand exactly what is happening within your community and to see the return on investment your community is producing.

This documentation includes guides that range from setting up and installing the software to user's guides for helping you understand how to use the software. 

If you are a developer looking for more information about how to develop on Telligent's Evolution platform, please see our Developer Space documentation and community.

Installation and Setup Guides

 Installation Guide
Install Telligent Community and integrate it with your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless user experience.
 Community Setup Guide
Configure your community to meet your unique needs with roles, permissions, group structure and applications.

User and Administrator Guides

 System Administration Guide
Manage your community to ensure that the application environments and execution are stable and that system tasks maintain optimal system performance.
 User's Guide
Learn how to manage and post to blogs, forums, wikis, and file or media galleries and interact in friend relationships.

Community Management

 Community Management Guide
Once you have set up the basics of your community, you have to actively manage it to ensure adoption and growth. Group owners can create unique group experiences, blog authors create valuable content, and moderators ensure everyone is following your rules of engagement.

Customization and Development Guides

 Customization Guide
Create a custom user environment by enhancing or specializing the application interfaces and interactions options between users.
 Developer Documentation
Extend the Telligent Evolution platform and create even more collaboration opportunities.

Additional Resources

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  • Release notes - We keep a running list of enhancements and fixes so that you're aware of our continual improvements and issue resolutions. Contact support if you need an immediate hot fix for a bug you're experiencing.
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