In this Customization Guide, we cover everything that you need to know to customize your Telligent community.

 In Telligent Community 6.0, the key word is extensibility. You can build completely custom experiences for your site, groups, and blogs that are upgrade-safe, using our proven Telligent Platform APIs.

Themes are totally portable and self-contained. With all configuration elements in a single theme file for site, group, or blog, you can easily:

  • Completely customize every element of a theme, from HTML headers to your own CSS using scripts
  • Export a theme to use in other groups or blogs as well as sites
  • Import a theme
  • Save an existing theme as an entirely new theme and apply that theme (or its predecessor) to a site, group, or blog
  • Obtain a new theme from the Telligent Marketplace, or make the one you've created available
  • Revert a theme

On pages, you can easily:

  • Edit using an entirely revamped and simplified Edit Page mode that gives you flexibility and assistance
  • Navigate contextually to special pages via a drop-down list
  • Create completely custom headers and footers with logos, custom navigation, user-hover, or site search widgets
  • Customize the body of the page, including adding new widgets that navigate within a group to chosen pages, or  perhaps intelligently recommend other content

Our Widget Studio gives you everything you need to create entirely customized widgets in your unique user experience. The Widget Studio:

  • Uses a Telligent-specific version of NVelocity scripts
  • Contains API help in the GUI
  • Gives you access to every aspect of an out-of-the-box widget, from its HTML header to its media settings
  • Creates entirely original widgets
  • Saves existing widgets as completely new widgets
  • Applies specific new or existing widgets individually to themes for the site, groups, or blogs
  • Easily imports or exports a widget

This section contains the following subsections:

  1. Customize with themes - Use our out-of-the-box themes to guide your style decisions, or customize both the content and appearance using tab additions, layout, and CSS theme customization. Import new themes and export themes to other sites.
  2. Customize with widgets - Create smart user dashboard/home pages by creating, saving, importing, or editing existing widgets that furnish specific useful information - or allow users to select their own options from widgets that feed posts (e.g., blog, wiki, forum, media, unfiltered HTML); supply or respond to messages, and empower collaborative relationships.
  3. Customize your pages - Use our entirely revamped Edit Page mode to easily change all aspects of your pages including page layouts, brand logo uniformity, special advertisements, and custom-built navigation.