Refer to the following articles if you have questions or receive errors during your Telligent Community installation:

  1. Can't insert an image using the enhanced text editor after upgrading - This could be a permissions issue.
  2. Common things to check when using Forms Authentication - Problem-solving advice for common issues when configuring or using Forms Authentication.
  3. Common Web farm questions - A FAQ about how/where to store user media; handle authentication; know where to install Solr; perform search indexing tasks.
  4. Configuration problems - Configuration error(s) shown in the event log.
  5. Error when upgrading from Solr version 1.3 to 1.4 - What to do when you can't load Solr after upgrading it.
  6. Exceptions - How to obtain support for interpreting exceptions.
  7. Fix access to uploaded files - The troubleshooting procedure to follow when you run into errors while trying to upload or access uploaded avatars, Web-linked files, and development files.
    1. CFS on the Visual Studio development server - Learn why CFS does not work with Telligent Community in Visual Studio, and what to use instead.
    2. Enable AllowDotInPath in UrlScan - Fix access problems in accessing user-uploaded content containing one or more dots in the name/URL.
    3. Enable Integrated Pipeline on IIS7 - Fix problems in which IIS is not working because it can't access Telligent Community's CFS.
    4. Set file permissions - Fix problems which, in a general sense, are file access permissions problems - but which present as problems with being able to access the Telligent Community site (incorrect web folder permissions or Network Service/ASP.NET account permissions) or being unable to access media storage areas.
  8. Friendly error message - These can be enabled to avoid intimidating a user with complex error messages; however, they do require a little more effort for troubleshooting. This article tells you how to locate the problems they indicate and to disable the option if desired.
  9. [[How to: Load images inline|Loading an image inline]] - What to do if the image you upload in-line in a blog results in getting a File Download pop-up instead of the image.
  10. Search index problems - If search results are not the expected results, or if they contain incorrect data, refer to this article.
  11. Search stop words  - What to do if a your search terms include a word that causes search to malfunction.
  12. SiteUrls.config errors - This error frequently occurs when you can't access the Telligent Community site. The problem is frequently in your site configuration files.
  13. Sorry, there was a problem with your last request message - A friendly error message. This article tells you how to locate the cause of the access problem, or how to disable this intermediary type of message.
  14. Telligent Community will not open - If an access problem occurs after installing, upgrading, or moving Telligent Community to another server, this article helps you troubleshoot the cause. Additionally, the following articles can also help.
    1. Enable or install ASP.NET - Install the .NET client so that you can assign it the correct folder permissions. (If the .NET client doesn't exist or doesn't have the correct permissions, it keeps Telligent Community from opening.)
    2. Telligent Community site exceeded license message after upgrading or moving to a new server|Telligent Community site exceeded license message]] - What to do if your site receives this message and will not perform other functions.
  15. Telligent Job Scheduler troubleshooting - What to do if Job Scheduler is not completing any jobs.
  16. Troubleshoot search errors - Refer to this article if Solr is unresponsive; if there are OutOfMemory errors, or you need general information about troubleshooting a Tomcat installation or multiple instances of Solr running on two or more hosts.