Message display in a group

All activity in a group - status messages/replies, content uploads/changes/comments, profile photo updates, and application creation (such as creating a new forum) - is recorded on the Activity Message List. The Activity Message List can be scoped to the group and optionally its subgroups, concentrating the group's attention on activities within it. (Note that activity within the group also appears on the site Activity Message List unless that is scoped to display only a user's activity.)

Message posting in a group

Status messages can be posted on the group Home Page using the Quick Post widget. The community administrator or group owner can configure this widget to allow only status messages, or status messages and posts to different applications. (The screen shot below shows the status messages and applications enabled.)

On the Quick Post widget, click the Leave a message tab and type your message. See the Quick Post article for more information about using the posting options available on this widget.

Messages to other group members

You have two ways of messaging other members: