Often, community members like to create commentaries or deeper interest explorations on subjects, and to allow the community to comment. This is where the blog application in Telligent Community comes in. 

Whether or not you can access a blog, or perform different functions in it from the Options panel, is determined by your group membership and permissions. For example, to create a new blog post you need to have the Blog - Create Posts permission.

The Using Blogs section of the User's Guide describes the common blog functionality available to you.

The following articles are contained in this section:

  1. Blog management settings for users - Make a blog post featured, cross-post a blog to another blog, manage comments and feedback, and manage blog tags.
  2. Blog post publishing options - Publish a blog post or unpublish/save it by saving it as a draft.
  3. Email subscribe to this blog - Get notified of new posts in this blog by subscribing to it in email.
  4. General descriptions of blog functionalities - Learn about writing posts, favorites, RSS, and content or comment subscription.
  5. Subscribe to a blog RSS feed - Receive a syndicated RSS feed for this blog.
  6. Write a blog post - Create a new post in a blog.
(For information about the things you can do as a blog owner, refer to the Blog Author's Guide.)