A forum is a mini-community of its own, dedicated to discussions and questions around a focus subject - for instance, support issues for your product. Telligent Community provides each group with the capability to host one or many forums, each customized to a specific format (discussionor Q&A) and even poll your respondents.

The Using Forums section of the User's Guide describes the common forums functionality available to you and gives you information about forum types. This section includes the following subsections and articles:

  1. Create a readers' poll - Create a readers' poll.
  2. Create forum post - The basics of creating a new thread, using the rich text editor to format it, and select featured content, locking, or stickiness options.
  3. Discussion vs. question threads -Comparing and contrasting the two types of forum posts; using the various answer options for Q&A posts.
  4. Edit forum post - Change a post's text or header, and post-date a forum post.
  5. General descriptions of forum functionalities - Options typically available to you as a poster.
  6. Mute or unmute a discussion thread - Turn off email updates from a forum thread you've been following.
  7. Specifying a post to display first in a forum - sticky feature - How to make a post sticky in your forum.
  8. Subscribe to a forum by email - Receive notifications of new forum posts at the email address you registered with.
  9. Subscribe to forum RSS feed - Receive notifications of new posts via RSS in your email.