The sticky feature allows you to ensure a specific post will display at the top of the list within a forum for the specified period of time. You can set the feature to display the post first for a specific period of time or until you change the setting.

You must have Make Posts Sticky permission for the application in order to use this feature.

You can specify the setting when you create the post or you can modify the setting later. The following procedure assumes the post already exists and you are modifying the setting.

  1. Open the post which you want to make sticky using the Forums - Create/Edit Post widget or by moderating the post and selecting Edit from the Moderate drop-down.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. In the Stickiness drop-down, select the period you want the period to be sticky (i.e., be placed at the top of the post list).

  4. Click Post.

    Back in the post list, the word "Sticky" will appear above the post.