A wiki is an interlinked set of pages allowing community members to create, edit, and collaborate on content using WYSIWYG editing and simple markup. Your access to wikis is determined by the permissions established by your administrator for each group within your community. If you have any questions about your accessibility to wikis, contact your administrator.

Some notes about wiki pages:

  • The theme default pages (DefaultWikiPage.aspx and default.aspx) both point to default.aspx.
  • Clicking New Post while viewing a wiki page makes the current page the post's parent page.
  • The Wiki Table of Contents widget can be placed on any wiki page on the site.
  • Wikis support using emoticons and smiley faces from the site Control Panel or editing user interface.

This section describes contains the following articles and subsections:

  1. Capture a forum thread to a wiki - Embed a relevant forum thread in a wiki page.
  2. Comparing versions of a wiki page - Use a wiki page's History tab to view the combined edits of multiple page versions.
  3. Create a wiki page - Use Quick Post or New Post to create a new page, decide which wiki to publish the page in (Quick Post), and its parent page.
  4. Create an in-page table of contents (TOC) - Use the wiki editor anchor button and link button to create a TOC at any location on a page.
  5. Edit wiki settings- Change a page's name and resolve wiki editing conflicts, or manage wiki comments.
    1. Edit a wiki page - Change the text, formatting, parent page, featured option, or email notifications of changes.
    2. Wiki editing conflicts - What happens when two or more users edit the same wiki page at the same time.
  6. General descriptions of wiki functionalities - Learn about subscribing to wiki changes by email; making or removing a wiki from favorites; sharing, or locking a wiki page.
  7. Manage wiki comments - Publish, edit, or delete wiki comments.
  8. Receiving email notifications for wiki article changes - A simple procedure that lets you know any time any user (including yourself) changes a wiki page.
  9. Revert a wiki page to a previous version - Using the History tab and version comparison, revert to any previous version of a page.
  10. Subscribe to a wiki RSS feed - Add an RSS subscription for a wiki to your Dashboard/Home Page.
  11. Using links with wiki pages - Use wiki link syntax or the enhanced text editor to link to locations within a wiki page or to other wiki pages.