The content editor allows you to move content within your page and copy content from external pages. You can also manage the content through the HTML editing functionality. 

Insert content from a Microsoft Word document 

  1. In a wiki Edit Page mode, select the insert MS content button  on the editor toolbar. The Paste from Word dialog box displays.


  2. Copy the content from MS Word document into the dialog.

  3. Click Insert.


Manage content with the HTML editor

The HTML editor allows you to manage the HTML source code of your page. It is also a useful tool when you run into formatting issues that you cannot resolve using the text editor.

  1. In a wiki Edit Page, select the HTML button  on the editor toolbar. The HTML source editor dialog opens.


  2. Modify the HTML source code.

  3. Click Update.


Spell check content 

The content editor spell check functionality allows you to spell check multiple languages, with English as the default language. To select a different language, click the the drop-down arrow next to the spell check button  .

  1. In a wiki Edit Page mode, click the spell check button  .   Misspelled words or words which the spell checker does not recognize are underlined with a red mark.

  2. Click on a marked word to view a list of options, which includes suggested spellings and ignore spelling options.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Select an option from the list.

    • Click outside the list to close the list without selecting an option.


Insert horizontal rule 

You can insert a horizontal rule into your page to separate content or to give the page the look and feel you want.

  1. In a wiki page editing mode, position the cursor where you want to insert a horizontal rule.

  2. Select the horizontal rule button  on the content editor toolbar. A dialog displays for you to specify the rule properties.


  3. Specify the properties you want for the horizontal rule.

  4. Click Insert.


Insert emoticon 

  1.  With the page in editing mode, click on the emoticon button  on the content editor toolbar. A smiley dialog displays.


  • Click on an emoticon. The emoticon code displays in the text area. Stick out tongue

  • Click Save. The emoticon code is translated to the emoticon you selected.