This installation requires that you have Telligent Community 6.0 and .NET 4 installed on your site.

Install the SQL files

  1. Navigate to the SqlScripts folder in the installation package.
  2. Execute the SQL file located in this folder against the database where you want Document Preview to log its file conversions. This is traditionally the same database as your Telligent Community site.

Install the converter

  1. Navigate to the server where your Job Scheduler runs.
  2. Locate the Converter directory in the installation package and copy the executable file from that folder to a location on that server of your choice. The location you choose should allow the account the Job Scheduler is running as to access and execute this file.
  3. Make note of the local folder path for later.

Install the web and Job Scheduler files

Always back up your web files, database, and filestorage before installing new components

  1. In your installation package, locate the web folder.
  2. Copy the contents of the web folder into your Telligent Community site, overwriting any existing files and merging any folders.
  3. Stop your Job Scheduler service.
  4. In the installation package, locate the web folder, and within that folder find the bin folder.
  5. Copy all of the dll files from the /web/bin folder to the root of your Job Scheduler installation.

Modify the configuration files

  1. In your Telligent Community site, locate a file named communityserver_override.config  and edit it  in any text editor.
    • Note that by default, your site does not have this override file. If your site does not have it, you can create a file named communityserver_override.config in the root of your web installation and then inside, add the following: 
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <!-- Add any needed overrides here -->
      You can then proceed with the remaining steps.
  2. Add the following information between the <Overrides /> tags:
      <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/FileViewers" mode="add" where="start">
    	<add type="Telligent.Evolution.FlexPaperDocumentViewer.DocumentViewer, Telligent.Evolution.FlexPaperDocumentViewer" extensions="pdf;doc;docx;ppt;pptx" />  
      <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CentralizedFileStorage" mode="add" where="end">
        <fileStore name="Telligent.Evolution.FlexPaperDocumentViewer.SWFFileStorage" type="Telligent.Evolution.Extensibility.Storage.Providers.Version1.FileSystemFileStorageProvider, Telligent.Evolution.Components" basePath="{your filestorage path}" />
  3. In the second node, alter the base path attribute to the physical location of your filestorage folders, such as below, changing the highlighted text to be your physical path to the Filestorage folder:

    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CentralizedFileStorage/fileStore[@name='Telligent.Evolution.Components.Attachments']"
  4. Navigate to the Job Scheduler installation directory and locate the communityserver_override.config file in that directory. Make the same edits as you made in the site communityserver_override.configfilein steps 2 and 3.  If the override file does not exist, you can create one or copy it from your web installation, making any changes necessary to your site.

    Your filestorage needs to be set to a specific physical location in order for the Job Scheduler to locate Centralized File Storage when converting documents.

  5. While still in your Job Scheduler installation directory, locate and edit the tasks.config file  in a standard editor.
  6. Add the following job node as a child node of the <jobs />node:
    <job schedule="0 */2 * * * ? *" type="Telligent.Evolution.FlexPaperDocumentViewer.DocumentConversionJob, Telligent.Evolution.FlexPaperDocumentViewer" />

    By default, this job will run every two minutes. You can adjust the schedule to suit your needs.

  7. Restart your IIS application pool. However, DO NOT start the Job Scheduler until after configuration is complete within your Telligent Community site as instructed in the next section.

Configure Telligent Evolution

  1. Log into your Telligent Community site as an administrator and navigate to Control Panel > System Administration > Site Administration > Site Configuration > Manage Plugins. Locate the Document Preview plugin, Document Viewer.
  2. Click Configure and set the properties on all three tabs according to the following table.

    Options tab
    Path To converter directory This is the path to the converter executable installed previously on your Job Scheduler server.  This path should be a local path to the Job Scheduler.  For example, if you copied the executable file to c:\pdfconverter\, you should enter c:\pdfconverter\ as the value for this field.
    Path to FlexPaper files directory This is the relative path to the FlexPaper directory installed when you installed the web files into your site. It should be left at its default value.
    Conversion Timeout In Seconds This is the maximum amount of time in seconds the converter will run in an attempt to convert single file.
    Full Screen Mode

    • Full screen Mode without keyboard support. This is the default experience where full screen mode is rendered within flash and you use the escape key to return to the standard mode.  When using this option, the keyboard will not be available when in full screen.  This is a security limitation of flash.
    • Open in browser window. In this mode the viewer will fill the current browser window or tab rather than the whole screen.  This allows keyboard commands to be accepted.  Depending on the browser, the experience can vary between the viewer loading in the current window or tab or opening a new one.  In the scenario where it opens in the current window or tab, you would use the back button in your browser to return to the normal view.

    Data tab
    Database connection string

    This defines the connection to the database where you ran the SQL scripts previously. It is traditionally your Telligent Community database. Here is an example connection string:

    Messages tab
    Message For Conversion Process This is what will be displayed in a file viewer while a document is being converted.

  3. Save the configuration.
  4. Select the check box next to the Document Preview plugin to enable it, then click Save at the bottom of the plugin page.
  5. You can now start your Telligent Job Scheduler service.


If you have trouble with Document Preview hanging, it might be related to the number of pages being processed or some other timeout issue, such as the conversion from PDF to SWF/SWFF hanging.

Document Preview does not have a size limit; however, extremely long documents (e.g., hundreds to thousands of pages) may take hours or days to process. Excel files (xls or xlsx) are most susceptible to generating a large number of pages, so these file types are by default not enabled.

One way you can tell whether it's a timeout issue is to look at the exceptions log as well as performing the following query against the database:

select * from telligent_DocumentPreview_Files where FileStatus = 2 order by Timestamp desc

If timeout is the problem, the query result will indicate this for the file. If a file is hanging, you can adjust the timeout by changing the Conversion time in seconds -  which is the timeout amount - from its default of 60 seconds to 500 (five minutes).

More information

If you'd like Information about installing Document Preview with Telligent Enterprise, see this link.