Most information in your profile is visible to other community members.

Your user profile page (http://<community site>/members/<username>/) contains fields that you can fill in on your Profile tab, as well as other tabs that are filled in due to your activities in the community: Activity, Groups, Friends, Favorites, Blog Posts, and Files. These tabs are described below.


Includes a text narrative written by you and personal information. Some of this information can populated when you join the community - your username and gender by default. The system administrator can require other information when you join the community which might also be posted here (such as a chat username) or add custom fields suited to your community. You can customize your profile using this procedure.


This tab lists your activity on the site including application posts, friendships established, groups joined, and status messages posted. 


This tab lists groups where you are a member.


This tab includes your established friends, your pending friend requests, and your own friend requests. Pending and requested friendships are not visible to other users.


This tab displays posts, groups, or applications you have added to your favorites.

Blog posts

This tab lists your blog posts.


This tab displays your personal files. It does not display files you've uploaded to group media galleries or the site root.