A successful community requires the involvement of a number people. Telligent has created a guide for each distinct role, providing an overview of the tasks that are required and how each contributes to creating an active, thriving community.

Roles within your community

Community Manager

Once you have set up the basics of your community using our Community Setup Guide, you have to actively manage it to ensure adoption and growth. This guide covers how to:

We also provide a System Administration Guide that covers how to ensure your community is running smoothly.

Group Owner

As a group owner, you are responsible for managing a section of the broader community, likely an area that you have known expertise and influence. Groups include both people (membership) and content (applications and messages) and can be customized to look different from the rest of the community as needed to create distinction or address your particular focus. In this guide, we cover how to:

Content Moderator

As a moderator, you are responsible for ensuring that the content within the community is appropriate for all community members. Depending on how your administrator configured your community, you may be responsible for only one forum, for content for a single group, or for content across the entire community. In this guide, we cover how to:

Blog Author

As a blog author, you can share your expertise and publish valuable content to the community and understand what people think about the content via comments. In this guide we cover how to:

(Note: To write a blog post, see this article.)