This is the Enterprise theme view of the widget.



Displays a list of blog posts on the Web site.The posts it shows depends on the configuration.

Where it works

This widget works on the site home page (where it shows posts from all blogs on the site); group home page (where it shows posts from all blogs in the group), and the blog home page (where it shows posts from the blog).

Theme difference

In the Enterprise theme version, the sorting options are available by the drop-down at the top of the list. In the Default theme, there are posts showing the different sorts.


Enable the widget

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Site Administration > Widget Studio > Enable/Disable widgets.
  2. If it is not already present in Allowed widgets, move the widget from the Not Allowed Widgets column to the Allowed Widgets column.

Place and configure the widget

  1. Click Edit Page on the page, then select and place the Blog - Post List widget.
  2. Click Configure on the widget menu bar.

    You can change the following options:
    • Widget Title - Title of the widget.
    • View Type- Specifies how the posts are viewed.
      • Filtered/Paged List - Displays blog post details, such as the blog, author, published date, and post excerpt. (View type shown in the screen shot above.)
      • Simple/Not Filtered/Not Paged List - Displays no post details.

      • Post Attributes/Not Filtered/Not Paged - Displays post author and date.

    • View Detail- Specifies whether you want post details displayed with the view type.
      • List View
      • Detail View
    • Sort Posts By- Specifies how you want the post sorted.
      • Most Recent - Displays in descending order from the most recent post to the oldest.
      • Most Viewed - Displays in descending order the posts that have been most often viewed to the least viewed.
      • Most Comments - Displays in descending order the posts with the most comments to the least comments.
    • User Query Type- Specifies which posts you want to display in the list.
      • All - Displays all the posts in the list, regardless of author.
      • Logged in user - Shows the posts authored by the logged-in user.
      • Current user - Displays only the posts authored by users other than the logged-in user.
    • Select group/blog to pull content from - Allows you to select a group or specific blog from which to pull the posts to display.
    • Tag to filter posts by - Allows you to filter posts by their tags.
    • Show comment count - Displays the number of comments with each post.
    • Excerpt size - Specifies the maximum number of characters to display in the post excerpt. If you enter 0, the widget will use the default value of 250 characters.
    • Number of posts to display - Specifies the number of posts to display on the page.

  3. Click Save in the configuration dialog.
  4. Click Save Page.