To create and load ads onto your Web page, the display ads setting must be enabled, which is controlled through the Control Panel. If you do not have access to the Control Panel, contact your administrator to find out if your Web site is enabled for displaying ads.

The Advertisement and Advertisement (Regional) widgets control the ad content.

The Advertisement widget is designed to  be used when you want to create an ad for a single page rather than for multiple pages on your Web site. You load the widget into the area where you want your ad to display and then configure it by creating the ad headline in the Widget Title field and adding the HTML code for the body text.  

Your ad might then look something like this:

The Advertisement (Regional) widget is designed to be used for site-wide ads. You can create the text for an ad and assign it to one of the default items that display in the widget's drop-down list. You can then select the item from the drop-down list each time you load the widget rather than re-create the ad each time. The drop-down list default items include:

  • Top (content)
  • Middle (content)
  • Bottom (content)
  • Top (sidebar)
  • Middle (sidebar)
  • Bottom (sidebar)

The labels for these items give you clues as to how they can be used. For example, you may want to put an ad at the top of multiple pages of your Web site. You can create ad text for the Top (content) item and select it each time you insert the Advertisement (Regional) widget.

By default, most roles have the Site - Hide Ads permission enabled. This means that by default, they will not see Advertisement widget content. In order for role members to see an advertisement, they must have Site - Hide Ads disabled.

To load an advertisement widget:

  1. Launch the Edit Page mode.

  2. Load one of the Advertisement widgets to the page layout.

  3. Configure the Advertisement widget  by:

    1. Entering the ad headline in the Widget Title field.

    2. Entering the ad text in the text area.

  4. Configure the Advertisement (Regional) widget by:

    1. Entering the ad headline in Widget Title

    2. Selecting an item from the drop-down list. You can create text or modify the existing text, or simply accept the existing content.

  5. Click Save in the widget configuration dialog.
  6. Click Save Page. Your advertisement displays on the page.