The Installation Guide walks you step-by-step through a new installation, an upgrade from a previous version of Telligent Community, or an upgrade from Community Server. Once you install the platform, you can set up your community using the Community Setup Guide, which includes authentication and other common enterprise applications.

This guide contains the following sections and articles:

  1. Configure Telligent Evolution to use a proxy server
    1. Configuration and tasks
      1. Configuration File Core Attributes
  2. How to upgrade Telligent Community
    1. Apply previous 5.x email template changes to 7.0 email templates
    2. How to upgrade the Telligent Community user experience
    3. Update Job Scheduler
  3. Install Telligent Community
    1. How to uninstall Telligent Community
      1. Remove the Telligent Job Scheduler
    2. Install and configure search
      1. Host multiple Telligent Community communities on multiple Solr instances
      2. Search extensibility
      3. Securing Solr on Tomcat
      4. Upgrading Solr 1.3 to Solr 1.4
      5. Use search in a web farm
    3. Install multiple instances of add-ons (Job Scheduler, Mail Gateway, Windows tasks, etc.)
    4. Install the Mail Gateway
      1. Configure a Mail Gateway mailbox
      2. Configure Mail Gateway with SMTP drop folder
      3. Mail Gateway account types
      4. Remove the Mail Gateway service
      5. Set up Mail Gateway with Microsoft Exchange
    5. Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration
    6. Localizing with language packs
      1. Create a language pack
      2. Email templates
        1. Email templates for 7.0
          1. Email template descriptions
      3. Export or import plugin resource files
      4. Export or import widget resource files
      5. Install a language pack
      6. Messages
      7. Resources and resource files
      8. Set up multiple language packs
    7. Touch the web.config file
    8. Using Job Scheduler in clustered mode
  4. Preliminary requirements for installation
    1. How to: Install or Enable Microsoft ASP.NET
    2. Supported disk space, memory, and CPU specifications
    3. Supported software versions for servers, applications, and browsers
    4. Web farm configuration
    5. Web Server configuration check-list
    6. Windows Server configuration check-list
  5. SSL
    1. Implementing SSL
    2. SSL Settings
  6. Tuning and performance
    1. AppFabric caching overview and concepts
    2. Caching
      1. Configuration
      2. Install, configure, and enable AppFabric caching
    3. Database configuration
    4. Database maintenance
    5. Database tables
    6. Database traces
    7. Optimizing settings for performance
    8. Performance administrative checklist
    9. Submit performance issues
    10. Telligent Community implementation of AppFabric Caching