If the administrator or community manager has made activity story display settings available to you, you will see them in your Settings > Advanced Options. You can select whether or not to display each particular activity story type in the Activity Story Stream they have made available.

Note that in some cases, you may see one or more selection options that are greyed out. This means that the activity story type will be displayed in the stream.

  1. Click Settings > Advanced Options. You will see any available story display options under "Activity Visibility."

    By default, these options will be checked, indicating they are displayed in the Activity Story Stream.
  2. To disable a story type from being displayed (for example, blog posts), deselect its check box. This choice will take effect immediately, but will not affect stories retroactively. For example if you disable blog posts now, prior stories about blog posts will remain in the Activity Story Stream. Posts from that moment on will not be displayed in the stream.
  3. Click Save.