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  • Forum Thread: How do I setup search for an upgrade?

    Hi, I have upgraded a site from CS 2007 to 2008 and finally to Enterprise 2.5 using the steps and scripts provided by Telligent. However, when I try to perform search on the site, nothing is returned, it says "search is currently unavailable" 1) Is there some way to find out if the search...
  • Forum Thread: Windows authentication cookie expiration

    Hi I have an enterprise 2.5 installation configured to use the <CommunityServer.SecurityModules.WindowsAuthentication> module. Upon first-login, I note that the following cookies are issued: * CommunityServer-UserCookie2915 expiration = <one year into the future> * fpc1000234091045 expiration...
  • Forum Thread: Importing avatar image via REST API clear profile felds

    Hi, It might look strange but now I'm 100% sure that it happens. I'm importing users and their avatar images via REST API. First user is imported using add web service (, id of user is found and then avatar image is uploaded...
  • Forum Thread: how to open cache in telligent enterprise?

    Telligent Enterprise Version: how to configure cache for this version? thanks!