As a blog author, you can completely control all aspects of blog post creation; determine how your blog looks and functions, and limit who has access to read your blog posts. The articles contained in this guide walk you through these procedures in the following sections:

  1. Blog reports - View unfiltered or filtered reports of blog posts, comments, and views by blog, or view graphical and tabular data about specific blog posts.
  2. Configure how people access your blog content - Learn about optimizing a blog's presence on feed services.
  3. Configure how you'll publish your posts - Use the Blog Setup page to list the blog name, Web address, author(s), and choose its group.
  4. Write, publish, edit, and delete blog posts - Blog with Windows Live Writer; blog by email, and edit or delete a post.

Additionally, you can customize a blog home page and blog post pages by adding, removing, or editing widgets.

As a blog author, your management rights are much the same as those of a blog user working with a blog housed on the site root.