Change a user's sign-in information (username and password), any site or profile settings for a user, or change the roles to which the user is assigned.

Change a username

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > Membership Administration > Members and Roles > Manage Users.

  2. In the Manage Users page, search for the user whose account you want to change. The appropriate list of users appears.

  3. To change the username for a user, click Change username next to that user's username. The Change UserName dialog window appears.

    1. Specify the new username you want to change to in Desired username. The username must follow the configured username rules.
    2. If you do not want Telligent Enterprise to check this username against the username rules, select the Ignore disallowed names check box.
    3. Click Change username. If the username is changed successfully, you are returned to the user listing with the new username displayed.


Change a password

  1. To change the password for a user, click Change passwordin the Manage Users page, next to that user's username. The Change Password dialog window is displayed.

    1. Specify the new password in both New password and Re-enter new password fields The password must follow the configured password rules.
    2. Click Change Password. If the password is changed successfully, you are returned to the user listing.

View and change a user role

  1. To view and change a role to which a user is assigned, click Roles. The User Roles dialog box appears.

    1. The roles the user is in are displayed in the right list and the available roles to assign are in the left list.
    2. To remove a role from a user, click it in the Roles <username> is in list to select it and then click the < arrow to move it from Roles <username> is in to Available roles.
    3. To add a role to a user, click it in the Available roles list to select it and then click  the > arrow and move it from Available roles to Roles <username> is in.
    4. Click Save. The dialog window is closed.

Change other user account settings

  1. To change any other settings for the user, click Edit.


    The Admin tab displays.

  2. Notice that you can change the user's username, password and role assignments from this location as well, in addition to:

    1. Change account status
    2. Modify key profile information
    3. Change avatar settings
    4. Modify site roles
  3. If you make any significant changes to the user's account, we recommend that you set Force login on next visit to Yes so that the next page the user loads forces him/her instead to the sign in page, automatically logging him/her out. Once the user logs back in, this setting is automatically set back to No.