A community moderator is responsible for ensuring that the content within the community is appropriate for all community members. Depending on how your administrator configured your community, you may be responsible for only one forum, for content for a single group, or for content across the entire community. You may need to only moderate content when it is reported by members of the community or may also be responsible for approving content before it is posted. Contact your administrator if you are unsure the level of moderation that you are required to perform.

This guide contains the following sections:

  1. Moderating comments - Set up email notifications of forum comments.
  2. Moderating forums - Specify or change settings for anonymous forum posting; moderation; post merging/moving/splitting; moderate tags, or move a post to a different forum.
  3. Moderating posts - Establish the rules for forum post moderation.
  4. Moderating users - Set the properties for user moderation.

This article explains gallery file moderation setup.