Forum threads that are of the question and answer (Q&A) type are very useful for the portion of your community providing support to community members who have questions. We make it easy to know whether or not questions have been answered.

A Q&A thread can be in one of three states:

  •  Verified as answered - A member of the community has verified that an answer provided in reply to the forum is the right answer to the posed question. A question can have more than one verified answer (that is, there might be more than one valid solution to the posted question). In that case, both authors receive points as rewards for their suggestion, and any other person who comes across the thread can see both solutions and decide on which is most appropriate for their needs.

  •  Potentially answered - A member of the community has suggested his/her reply is an answer to the question posed, but no one has yet verified it is indeed the right answer.

  •   Unanswered - The thread may or may not have any replies. If it does have at least one reply, no reply has been created as a suggested or verified answer.

The question is always displayed at the top of the forum thread followed by the verified answer(s) (if any exist) and all other replies and suggested answer in date-ascending order.

Verified answers appear in two separate locations within a thread. Verified answers appear on every page (just under the original question). This helps users who follow an external link to your community (such as from a search engine) to quickly determine the solution to the problem without sifting through lots of posts for the answer. Verified answers are highlighted in green to make them stand out from the other responses in a thread.

Verified answers can be rejected as answers if the answer was verified by accident, or if the solution only worked temporarily. This can be done by the poster of the original question or by users with the Forum - Mark as Answer permission.