Embeddable forum threads allow you to embed a Telligent Enterprise-hosted discussion within an external Web site. The comments in an external page are actually stored in a  forum thread. Telligent Enterprise generates JavaScript that must be placed in the external page. The external page then generates all of the necessary controls/code needed to post in your Telligent Enterprise instance.

When the user clicks on the page which contains the embed code, a thread is created in the community forum. The thread then identifies the user who enabled the embedded forum thread, the discussions topic, remote page name, and the page URL, as well as the user who commented.

The thread starter user is designated as Anonymous unless you manually add new users. All replies to the forum thread are made by users logged in to the remote Web site.

To create an embeddable page:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel Dashboard > System Administration > Forum Administration > Forums and Groups > Forums > [forum name].

  2. Click Edit and then click the Embed tab.

  3. Set the Embed page properties:

    • Enable Embedding - Enables the Embed Code text field, which contains the forum embed code. You can insert the embed code into external Web pages to support discussions from the external pages.

    • Enable Embedding on All Domains - If enabled, the forum can be embedded into any external pages. If disabled, you must add the supported domains in the Allowed Domains field.

    • Allowed Domains - External domains where you plan to embed the forum thread. This option is enabled only if the Enable Embedding on All Domains option is disabled.

    • Create New Threads As - Users who are allowed to embed forum threads in external Web pages. By default, this option allows anonymous users to create new threads because they are coming from an external page over which you are unlikely to know who the users are. However, you can restrict the list of users adding user names.

    • Embed Code - HTML code to embed in external Web pages.

  4. Click Save to apply the settings.

  • Basic settings - Provides basic forum properties, such as forum name, description, and the group to which the forum belongs.
  • Advanced settings - Provides advanced forum properties, such as tracking, indexing, and posting properties.
  • Permissions - Provides roles and permissions properties for your forum.