The User's Guide describes the basic functionalities you will find in Telligent Enterprise. The information contained in the User's Guide is categorized by application, groups, user settings, dashboard, and general information. If you do not quickly find what  you are looking for, use the search text box which is available on every page of your Web site.

This section contains the following material:

  1. Connections between community members
  2. Dashboard/Home Page
  3. Participating in groups
  4. Using applications
  5. Working with content
  6. Enterprise theme quick-start FAQ
  7. Evolution2 theme quick-start FAQ

Connections between community members

Connections between members include:

  • Conversations - Have conversations with other community members
  • Following - Follow friends' or other community members' activities
  • Friend relationships - Create (or cancel) friend relationships with other members to share data
  • Status messages - Post messages that let other community members know your current status

Dashboard/Home Page

On your Dashboard (also called Home Page), you can:

Participating in groups

When you participate in groups, you can:

Using applications

Telligent Enterprise provides several kinds of applications, including:

  • Blogs - Post your own information or mirror internal or external Web information
  • File galleries - Share files and photos with your friends or a group
  • Forums - Post questions or answer questions, and receive personal or post ratings from members
  • Wikis - Collaborate with other community members by making information available to groups (or all members) and allowing them to modify the information

Working with content

You can work with the data contained in blogs, file galleries, forums, or wikis in several ways. These include:

  • Manage the content - Decide who has access to the material, and restrict or grant the kinds of rights they have to it
  • Edit content - Use a content editor that provides basic word-processing functions as well as HTML editing and graphic or video clip incorporation
  • Edit content in full-screen mode - With access to the full visual impact of your work
  • Format text - Use a full range of Windows application editing functions
  • Insert media files - Insert both static graphic images (in a number of graphic formats), or incorporate video or sound clips from a URL or from a hard drive
  • Provide links - Link to other pages inside or outside your community
  • Create tables - Use either the table wizard or straight HTML to create tables with dynamic or hard-coded specifications

Enterprise theme quick-start FAQ

Get oriented in Telligent Enterprise's new Enterprise theme by learning how to quickly and easily:

Evolution2 theme quick-start FAQ

In Telligent Enterprise's default Evolution2 theme, learn how to quickly and easily: