One of the features of the Web community is the ability of community members to communicate with each other using the conversation feature. The Email tab of your Settings page contains the properties that control your conversations.

  • Allow Conversations From - Specifies who can initiate conversations with you.
  • Enable Conversation Notifications - Determines whether you are notified that a user has requested a conversation with you.

When you use search to find a conversation partner, it searches against both usernames and display names.

Starting a conversation

Your ability to begin a conversation with a user depends upon the user's conversations. Users  may allow only friends to begin conversations, or the users may not allow anyone in the community to start a conversation with them. If a user allows you to start a conversation, you will find the Conversation link on the user's profile page.

Conversation requests

You can view conversation requests from users by clicking the Conversations link. The number next to the link indicates the number of unread conversation attempts you have.

When you click the link, a pop-up box displays the list of conversations you have awaiting your response.

You can respond to the conversation request by clicking on the item in the list and clicking Reply.