In 3.1, when you create a friend request, it now displays in a plain text box with default text instead of appearing in the rich text editor.

Maintaining a group of friends in Telligent Enterprise allows you to make your activities known to this select group of users and likewise to keep up with their actions. Adding users as friends designates these users in your community to receive special privileges.

When you become friends with another user, you are both listed on each other's Dashboard Friends page.

To request a friend relationship with another user, you send him or her a friendship request message. But you can cancel this request before or after he/she receives the request. The friend relationship can be discontinued by either of you at any time by clicking a removal link beside that friend's name.

Some users such as moderators in forums are automatically added as a friend to all new members. If the user in this role changes (such as the moderation transferring from one user ID to another one), the new moderator will automatically become a friend of any new member joining the community after that moment. Telligent Enterprise also makes it possible for the new person in this role to be added retroactively to pre-existing users.

Add a friend

To become friends with another member in the community, a user sends the member a friendship request via email. To invite a user to become your friend, navigate to the user's profile and select his/her Friends page.

  1. Click the Add as Friendlink.

  2. A dialog window opens to allow you to send a personal message to this user (if you want to personalize the request). When you click Send Request, the friendship request is sent.


    (Alternative method: Add the Invite User widget to your Home Page/Dashboard; enter the user's email address in the Email address field; type a message in the Message field, then click Send.)

  3. After the other user receives your request it appears on his or her Friends page Requests to Reviewtab. 

    He or she can Accept or Reject the request.

  4. If the user accepts the friendship request, your name and avatar display on his or her Friends page. Your friend's user name and avatar display on your Friends page.

Cancel a request for friendship

You can cancel a request to become someone's friend at any time after making the request. There are two links where you can do this:

  1. After you send a request for friendship, the Add a Friend link beside a user's name becomes a Cancel Pending Friendshiplink. You can click this link to cancel it.

  2. The pending request you've just sent is also listed in your Friends page Your Requests tab. You can click the Cancel request beside the user's name there, too.

Remove a friend

When a user is listed in your Friends page, you can remove him or her at any time by locating his or her ID and clicking Remove as Friend.

Retroactively add a friend

Telligent Enterprise provides a way to default certain users (such as forum moderators) as friends for any new user in a community. However, this setting only applies to new users whose IDs are established from that moment on. It does not automatically apply to pre-existing ones. For example: If you join a community when "EJohnson" is the forum moderator and he subsequently leaves the group, the new moderator - "HSimpson" - would not automatically assume the same friendship with you. This relationship needs to be added retroactively by running a SQL Server script. Please contact Support for assistance with a script.