You can customize your Dashboard (also called Home Page), select favorites, and change your personal settings from the Dashboard. This section contains the following subsections:

  1. Change your avatar - Personalize your profile with an image.
  2. Customize your dashboard/home page - Change your Dashboard/Home Page by rearranging its page layout or adding/removing widgets.
    1. Dashboard page layout - Change how content is laid out, or add/delete/configure Dashboard widgets.
    2. Dashboard widgets - Control the content you want displayed on your dashboard.
  3. Favorites - Add links to favorite community Web site places or content to your Dashboard/Home Page that will also be displayed on your profile.
  4. Settings - Change your profile, sign-in, or site options such as your password; create an API key; change your email options, Email Digest settings, and learn about your sign-in information page.
    1. Advanced Options page - Set your post order, content editor, signature, and date format, or create an API key.
    2. Basic Options page - Set your display name, birthday, gender, language, public email, and favorite-sharing options, and specify RSS feeds to share.
    3. Change your password - Change your sign-in information without the help of an admin.
    4. Create an API key -  Create secure keys to authenticate for Web service calls without providing your Telligent Enterprise user name and password.
    5. Email options page - Change your email notifications, conversation notifications, or group Email Digest subscriptions.
    6. Sign-In Information page - Change your password here; also view your sign-in name and last sign-in date.