When you sign in to your community your dashboard, or home page, displays. Your dashboard is your special page within the community, which you can customize with the look and feel you want. You determine the content that you want available on your dashboard.

A typical dashboard might look something like this:

Most of the content you see displayed on the dashboard is customizable using the Edit Page tab at the top of the page. (You will have this tab only if configured to do so by the community administrator.) Editing options include the lists (activity, friends, conversations) and the navigation tabs (Profile, Conversations, Bookmarks). Telligent Enterprise provides you with two tools for customizing your Dashboard, layouts and widgets.

This section contains the following articles:

  1. Dashboard page layout - Layout templates that allow you to arrange the content on your Dashboard. You can also import or export layout templates.
  2. Dashboard widgets - Widgets are the interface components that make up your Dashboard. Each theme provides a default layout of widgets for each page throughout the site. But if you have the correct permission, you can move, rename, remove, add and/or customize each widget on your Dashboard, Group, or Blog page.