If an administrator enables searching for a custom profile field in your user profile page, the contents of that field (such as hobbies) can be searched on the site in order to find other users with similar interests.

You can edit your profile information on the user profile page. The profile page contains an Edit profile link that lists information in fields chosen by your administrator. This is the page you get when you click your avatar in the navigation bar.

If you don't fill out a field in About, the field doesn't appear on your profile page (with the exception of fields marked required).

  1. Click your user profile icon.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Edit Profile. The Edit Profile window appears.

  3. Fill in any desired fields. Note: If you don't fill in a field (for example, Gallery in the screen capture above), the field is not shown in your profile after you click Save Profile.

  4. Click Save Profile in the upper-right corner (shown in the top screen capture). The entries are saved.