You can add links as a favorite in order to quickly reach content and places in the Web community you access repeatedly, or want to have quick access to. You can favorite places, such as groups and forums, as well as content, such as blog posts.

If desired, you can also remove a favorite.

Add a favorite place

When you browse a group or application you like within the community, you should look for the Add group to favorites (or similar) link so you can store the link on your Dashboard and return to the site as you need to. You can favorite groups, wikis, file galleries, blogs, and forums. Click the Add to Favorite Places link.

When you favorite a place, the link changes to Remove from Favorite Places.

You can view your favorite places by clicking the Favorite Places link in the navigation bar of your dashboard. Favorite places are categorized by application. You can click on any item in the list to navigate to the selected place. Also, when you navigate to a place that's been favorited, a star displays next to the place name.

Add favorite content

You can favorite any files or posts in the community when you add the Favorite Content widget to your dashboard. To favorite files or posts, click the Favorite link. (Favorite this post shown in the following example.)

When you favorite a file or post, the Favorite link changes to Remove.

The favorite file or post then displays in the Favorites list.

Remove a favorite

Click Remove from Favorites. The content is removed from your Favorites list and the link becomes Add to Favorites.