You can access your settings properties by clicking the Settings link found in your navigation bar. The Settings link is accessible regardless of the context you are in within the community.

The Settings tab allows you to control whether basic information on you is displayed (or not); share RSS feeds; make site-wide preference decisions about how content is presented; create API keys; change your password; and set configurations for your email notifications, private messages, and Email Digest subscriptions.

This section contains the following subsections:

  1. Advanced Options page- Set your post order, content editor, signature, and date format, or create an API key.
  2. Basic Options page - Set your display name, birthday, gender, language, public email, and favorite-sharing options, and specify RSS feeds to share.
  3. Change your password - Change your sign-in information without the help of an admin.
  4. Create an API key -  Create secure keys to authenticate for Web service calls without providing your Telligent Enterprise user name and password.
  5. Email options page- Change your email notifications, conversation notifications, or group Email Digest subscriptions.
    1. Manage your Email Digest settings- Select the frequency at which you receive the Email Digest from a widget (such as the Group - Banner widget) or from your Settings > Email tab.
  6. Sign-In Information page - Change your password here; also view your sign-in name and last sign-in date.