The group functionalities available to you are dependent upon the group type and your permissions.

If you are a registered user and not a group owner or administrator, the most common functionalities available to you are described below. If you do not see these one of these widgets, the group owner or administrator has not made them available or it could be restricted to one theme.

The list below of widgets available for groups is not exhaustive. For more complete information, see Widget configuration in Edit Page mode.


Group - Links

Under the heading "Group Administration," this widget has a number of options that can be enabled for you, such as "Create group," "Edit this theme," or "Manage Content Pages."


Quick Post

Has the heading "Quick Post." In addition to posting status, this widget is used to post content to applications.

Tag Cloud

Has the heading "Tag Cloud." This widget can be displayed as a list of tags used within the group.

Email Digest

Group - Banner

Does not have a heading. In addition to displaying the group name, this widget has a drop-down list enabling you to subscribe to daily or weekly group Email Digests.


Group - Membership Status

Has the heading "Group Membership Status." Displays your membership status in the group.

Group - Members List

Depending upon this widget's configuration, this widget can be called "Members" when it shows a list of members, or "Top Quality Authors" if it scoped to display users by this criteria.


Activity Message List

Does not have a header. Displays status messages (and activity) in the group.

Quick Post

Has the heading "Quick Post." Used to post status messages or content.


Group - Application Navigation

Does not have a heading. It displays as tabs such as "Blog" or "Forum."

Group - Banner

Does not have a heading. Displays the name of the group.

Group - Breadcrumbs

Does not have a heading. Appears as a breadcrumb trail back to the site Home Page.

Group - List

Typically has the heading "Subgroups." Depending upon its configuration, this group can either display a list of groups where you're a member, or a list of the group's subgroups.