File galleries contain media files uploaded to your community site. Media generally refers to any type of media posted to the community such as graphics, video, documents, and any other form of media that might get posted or embedded.

The Using File Galleries section of the User's Guide describes the common file gallery functionalities available to you. This section contains the following articles:

  1. Edit a media gallery post - Edit a post which has been uploaded to a media gallery.
  2. Email subscribe to this media gallery item - Receive email notifications when users comment on the media gallery item.
  3. General descriptions of file gallery functions - General information about functions found in the media gallery Options panel (such as email subscribe, share, favorite the gallery, view a slideshow, or subscribe to gallery RSS).
  4. Sort media files - Organize the media files by name, number of downloads, views, ratings, or comments.
  5. Subscribe to a media RSS feed - Create a subscription feed to a gallery using Live Bookmarks, Outlook, Yahoo, Google, or another application you specify.
  6. Upload a media file - Use Quick Post or New Post to add a file to a gallery.