You can mute or unmute discussion threads either from your Telligent Enterprise site or by email.

Muting a thread prevents the user from receiving further emails about the thread.  (This option can be reversed to start receiving notifications again.)

Subscribing to a forum causes the user to be emailed any new threads or replies in the forum. In an active forum, a user can quickly get bogged down with emails about the forum, or a runaway thread can fill his or her inbox very quickly with updates. Thus, Telligent Enterprise offers an option to mute a thread.

When you're subscribed to a forum, you're subscribed to all of its threads by default. Muting allows you to stop email updates about individual threads you don't care about, like an opt-out option.

You can mute a thread on the forum's Web site or by email.

Muting a thread online from the Web site

When you view a thread in a subscribed forum, the Options list appears.

Click Mute thread to prevent subsequent replies being sent to your email address. Note: If a reply is posted  before you mute the thread, but the reply email wasn't yet received, you will receive that reply message.

After you mute a thread, the Options box will change to show an Unmute thread option as in the following screen shot. (Click this link to begin receiving update emails again.)

Muting a thread by email

Whenever you receive a thread update email, the message contains a link to mute the thread - similar to the following screen shot.

Clicking the link will take you to the forum's site; mute the corresponding thread, and show a confirmation of the change.