A tag is a keyword or term associated with a post which provides a link to related information. Tags give you flexibility in structuring your Web site and help you map information. They also make the information in your Web site more accessible to users.

For example, a tag cloud, which is also a prepackaged widget, displays in the left or right sidebar of your Web page. The tag cloud contains a list of tags that link to any post within a forum, group, or blog that has tags. 

Telligent Enterprise ranks tags by the number of posts with which the tags are associated so that the most-used tags have the largest font size. In the tag cloud in the example above, the overview and widgets tags display with the largest font and therefore are used with the greatest number of posts.

When the user clicks a tag, the list of posts that use the tag displays. So if the user clicks on the wiki tag, a page displays with the list all of the associated posts. At the top of the page is a list of additional tags that are used with the list of related posts.