External MediaWiki links and internal links are supported in Telligent Enterprise.

Telligent Enterprise supports the following external link syntax:

  • bracket-bracket support docs:Installation guide|Installation Guide bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket http://www.google.com|Google bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket http://localhost:8080/admin|solr bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket test page|render this bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket http://www.google.com/|Google bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket <your_wiki_name>:my page 3|my page 3 what bracket-bracket -- Creates a link to "my page 3" in the wiki you specified with the link text saying "my page 3 what"
  • bracket-bracket http://localhost:8080/solr/admin|solr bracket-bracket -- links to your Solr admin page
  • bracket-bracket http://localhost/ bracket-bracket -- links to IIS
  • bracket-bracket / subpage bracket-bracket -- links to "subpage" in the current wiki, the link text is "subpage"
  • bracket-bracket / subpage2|/ subpage2 bracket-bracket -- links to "subpage2" in the current wiki, link text is "/subpage2" bracket-bracket mailto:howdy@gmail.com|mail author bracket-bracket
  • bracket-bracket mouse:taco|testing bracket-bracket